Wanderers from Eidonfel

A Royal Pain

The party, finding the King dead on his throne, quickly had their concentration broken by the sound of two guards dieing behind them. The party spun around to face the assailant, a man shrouded in black armor. A pitched battle commenced. After slaying the assailant, the party gathered up Kyras, who was mortally injured in the battle, and left to find help. The party opened the door to find Baron Erdrik standing rather suprised on the other side of the door. The party proceeded to attempt to explain the situation, intending to show the baron the body of the assailant, only to find that the body of the assailant had disappeared. The baron, having worked with the party on many a previous occasion, trusted the party’s word, and ushered them out one of the windows, and stayed behind to explain the situation.

The party escaped the castle and wrongful prosecution, only to find that the baron had been found guilty. Artemist infiltrated the castle, meeting up with the baron and breaking him out. He left town with the party’s blessing and a priest’s outfit, heading to act as a man of the cloth while he could plan his next moves.

The party, sensing that the city was about to be a hotbed of political drama made their way out of town. At the town gate, the party was stopped by a guard and given a message from the chancellor, who was acting king until proper authority could be established. The message declared that with the baron of Sera Corinth on the run from the law, the barony needed leaders, and the party made perfect candidates. They would be leaders by council, much to their chagrin.

Last We Left our Stalwart Adventurers

Last we left our tale, the heroes from Eidonfel had, after uncovering a slaver’s plot in the underworks of the castle town of High Rock, has, with the King’s blessing, entered the yearly Arena Tournament. After besting many a beast from the wilds of the land and beyond, the party faced off against the last year’s champions. After a long fought battle, our heroes stood triumphant. After taking a day or two to recuperate, the party is called to meet with the King, who seems have more work for our intrepid adventurers. The party arrives to a King, silent as a stone in his throne. Slowly, the party approached, only to find the King dead where he sat.


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