Grobrag Go'Hurbak

6'10" leaner build than most barbarian half-orcs


HP 118 INT +8

STR – 22 MOD 7 DEX – 16 MOD 4 CON – 18 MOD 5 INT – 10 WIS – 10 CHA – 10

AC – 18 TOUCH – 14

FORT – 11 REF – 7 WILL – 3

MELEE – 15 RANGED – 12

+1 Scalemail AC+4 +9 Composite Bow (+1 speed) 1d8+9 Great Axe 1d12 +4 Composite Bow 1d8+4


Grobrag was the son of a female orc and male human (ranger). They got together, did their thing and there was baby Grobrag. The father couldn’t take him because of social reasons, so the mother ended up taking him. She was cast down in society to about as low as they could get. The dad, as Grobrag was growing up, would show up at a specific day every week to teach his son about the ways of the bow. His dad gave him his first bow, which he put to use shooting birds out of trees, and the such. But upon returning to his small village the other orc children promptly grabbed the bow and started making fun of him, the bow was quickly broken.

So upon the next meeting with his dad, they decided to make a bow he wouldn’t be able to use until he got older, this one the kids couldn’t break. But so not to bestow shame upon his village he learned a little in the ways of the battle-axe. During times of conflict he used his bows though.

Grobrag Go'Hurbak

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